What does GoPaint do?

GoPaint offers domestic and commercial Painting and Decorating services to suit your needs.

Our Expert Team are highly trained, professional painters with experience in all areas of painting and decorating. Whether it be colour advice,
heritage restoration or a new extension or renovation we are confident our team of has the right advice and the service guarantee you can
expect from a small family business.

Given that most of our team are parents themselves they are aware of the need to keep families safe. This is why GoPaint uses only low VOC
paints which are safer for people and also the environment. These paints also provide a superior finish to the comparable 'old school' paints.

For the BEST and most RELIABLE painters on GOLD COAST you can't go past the team at GoPaint

Soft Wash Gold Coast

Traditional water blasting cleans by submitting the surface to abrasive high pressure water that removes both the dirt and mould that they are trying to clear away as well at the top layer of the surface they are trying to clear it from. ​oftwashing looks after your property and its appearance by using no more pressure than your garden hose and less water than traditional pressure washing, making it more environmentally friendly.

Residential Exterior Painting Experts

We are exterior painting experts with many years experience in painting all exterior surfaces including: • weatherboard • cedar board • rendered surfaces • gutter, facia and eaves • garage doors If you need exterior painters, look no further than GoPaint! We will provide you with a detailed quote in writing specifying...

Roof Cleaning

We recommend that roof cleaning is carried out using the safest and most effective method available. Softwashing is what we recommend when it comes to roof cleaning. Unlike pressure washing, which, in the wrong hands, could possibly cause damage and even strip off tile coatings and shorten the life of your roof tiles, soft washing provides a gentler method of cleaning, without the risk of possible damage to your roof and will last for to five times longer than just water blasting. A lot of tiled roofs on the gold coast will be covered in black mould and dirt and look really bad but are still in really good condition under that. So soft washing is the best option for cleaning them without the need for a full roof restoration.

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House Washing

Softwashing a surface works on identifying what it is that is causing the aged look i.e. Dirt, mould, mildew and so on. From there we create a customised soap solution to attack this at the root level.
This solution is applied to your building using a low pressure system and left for a few minutes to work its magic, by breaking down the collection of dirts and moulds. Then we simply rinse of your building with water. Pressure washing simply blasts away the top layer of the problem and actually can damage the surface of your building and ...

Roof Restoration

f your roof is looking old, worn,dirty. Roof painting is the ideal solution to restoring both the appearance and life span of your roof, without the need for expensive replacements.
You can not only restore the look and condition of your roof, but also add protection against Gold Coasts harsh weather conditions. Using quality Dulux Acratex Roof Membrane products, you can rest assured that this service will protect your investment and save you money in the long run....

Timber Restoration

Intergrain UltraDeck is an extremely long lasting, water based oil for decking and exterior timber. UltraDeck contains unique Hydroguard technology to guard timber against Australia’s harsh conditions as well as the abrasive effects of foot traffic. The natural looking finish resists stain absorption and dirt and dust adhesion, helping timber stay clean. The result is timber that stays protected and looking fresh for significantly longer than traditional decking oils. Being water based, UltraDeck emits significantly less VOC’s...

Residential Interior

We are the home painting and interior painting experts – from living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms, and everything in between. When you are looking for home painting service, look no further than GoPaint. We will give you the quality painting you expect with minimal disruption of your family and home. Our choice to use eco-friendly paints including zero VOC and low VOC paints, minimizes the impact on the environment and your...